For the Sake Of Writing

It’s over a year since I opened this blog. I forgot what the password was as well as the username. In the beginning, I created this blog to write and document about my new life here in Sweden but it did not go as I wanted it to be. It was either I was lazy to keep updating or perhaps I had too many things on the table during my first years here in Sweden that this blog never became a priority. Whether it is an excuse or a reasonable reason, here I am anyway in front of the keyboards again with slightly different purpose of this blog. I want to improve the way I write and the way I communicate through writing.

Several things had happened. One of the things that left an impact was a realization how much I neglected writing in my whole life. If it weren’t for this Corona time, I would not have ignited my passion to write. My goal is not to write an entire novel nor publish a book of poetry but I simply just want to improve of whatever is there to start with. It could be as simple as finding the right word to what I want to say or arranging sentences properly for coherence.

I have recovered my password and my username so this probably means I am given a new beginning, a new chance to improve things. If you are reading this right now and is more experienced writer, please comment some writing tips down below. There is always a room for improvment that is why I welcome all comments. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear from fellow aspiring writers?


I Do Not Really Know What My Blogg Is All About

Hello again my dear readers if there are any. ūüôā

I am just writing here, right now because I needed to reset my password in one of my emails. That email had a notification of a blogg which I followed saying that the person has left the place he used to live which is few Towns away from where I am at, at the moment. Furthermore, it that person launched his blogg at almost the same time as I did. The only difference is that, he has been writing and I am not very consistent with this.

I like writing my thoughts down. In fact, I like writing by hand but keeping so disciplined with a blogg seems very difficult to do. Do you have any tips? I would really love it if my blogg earns Money but then I know it would take time and it is a process…Patience is needed. So how do writers get motivated? I am sure Money is not primary. So do bloggers really “blogg”? And sometimes it gets a bit “lonely” if no one reacts nor read the published post, right? The eagerness must be inner so it can sustain and live.

Pray for me those who are Reading this. I am sure praying does wonders beyond our understanding. Hopefully, I would be able to write something valuable in this lifetime. That would be a good way to use the time we have here on Earth.

Maybe I should write in Swedish too. Even if I do not speak like a native but I would like to acknowledge my improvement over the years. Maybe, in a way, I can write few lines in Swedish just practice the language. VAD TROR NI ALLIHOP?

It is past midnight now. Sometimes my thoughs run really Deep during this time but in a very harmonic and peaceful way. Quite nice, right? It feels so human to think about Life Before sleeping. It is a beautiful life no matter what the world says.

Praying for everyone. Good night.





Lunch Break

This is my first lunch break post. Has anyone done this before? Any suggestions perhaps? Well, I am doing it for the first time right now. My reason is simple. It is just to channel the stress I have in work. It is just a little stress from work which I think would be a lot more useful if I divert myself into something productive.

So I have eaten my lunch for 10 minutes that would give me 20 minutes more of free time. Free time to write. Free time to blog. Free time to be free.

What should I blog right now then? Maybe about lunch break. Lunch break is most of the time overlooked my most employees like us. I mean, we should take it seriously, it is BREAK! I like lunch break. It is like the half-quarter of a basketball game. It like when you are reminded that half is done while other half is waiting to be completed. No, I am talking about the glass half full or half empty. (Haha. No. One day, I will talk about it when I am thirsty.) Lunch breaks is also the time to spend time with my colleagues. And chit chat topics that we already know but somehow remains interesting. I guess that is how gossips are encouraged.

I eat alone most these days because maybe I like it that way. Sometimes it is quite cool to perceived as “anti-social” which I am not really. I mean, there are always two sides to things, wouldn’t it be cool to try to position yourself at the other end? Furthermore, it is fun to sit alone because its quieter. It is too quite. It is too quite sometimes that I can the other person’s stomach growling. I used to laugh at this in my head but now I do not because my stomach begins to do the same. And it is hard to shut them up! They do not follow the order of my brain. One time I said “Please stop growling…. ” and my stomach just keeps on repeating “rrrr….r…..r……r” Oh dear! But I guess “rrrr….r….r…r” is fine. Sometimes it produces other letters like “rrr…brgh..brgh..brgh…r..r..r” and this more embarrassing. And based on experience, the more combination of letters, the louder the sound is! It is like language fluency, when you pronounce well, read it aloud. So therefore, our stomach has language proficiency! Is that the reason why cereals are shaped into letters so they improve their spelling? Hahaha.

I do not know where this post is going to land so maybe I better stop now. My lunch break is over anyway…

Enjoy your lunch.




Blogging. Blogging. Blogging.

I things always wanted to write or scribble down thoughts on small notes. My mind seems to like writing but how come blogging is so hard to be disciplined with? You see, I guess I do not know what to blog about. I mean, is blog a diary or not? If it is, then how random can my post be? I guess my audience would range from a 6 year old to around 50.

Well, I admire people who have the courage to blog. The thing is, I like sharing my thoughts and what I think but at the same time I do not want to be exposed entirely. To go back to old times, I could have been one of those writers who used pen names. I like it that way. The mystery gives it full liberation. I can say what I want without being known. It is like looking around for a certain voice in a crowded place without being noticed. How entertaining to see those long strectched necks searching to the one where the voice comes from! Haha But this I say without bad intention. It is just at some point in our life, we humans should not stop playing.  I mean, blogging and literature should remain like a children’s play, isn’t? If everything is exposed, then what is there to find? What is there to search for?

Sweden Diary is a good pen name. On the other hand, this blog already suggests a diary which is just plainly a record of one’s daily musings of this and that. That sounds too plain. Yet to find a beauty in the ordinary is what makes life amazing and what makes literature worth reading!

So what I am really talking? I do not know. I am just simply BLOGGING.




To continue or not?

Should I? Should I not blog?

The question remains and yet no matter how I asked myself, I can not seem to answer it.

Maybe I should? After all, blogging is merely expressing oneself in the most literay ways. This is why we are all here putting thoughts to words and words to the world.

And the world reads the words that tries to understand the thoughts.

Isn’t it?

For now, have a wonderful evening.



Use Rivstart Book to Learn Swedish

In my previous post, I had said that our teachers did not use a specific textbook. They just gave random copies coming from different sources. So I decided to get a text book on my own so I could progress somehow with organization. I was hoping to build a strong foundation in learning Swedish (of which I don’t think I have right now). Anyway, I got this book from the library called “RIVSTART”.


Rivstart Integration

Rivstart is an SFI book which uses the method of integration. That is the reason why I like this book. The book is designed to integrate all the language skills in one chapter. For instance, one chapter has listening, speaking, writing, comprehension that is based on one topic. As a teacher myself, I believe in the integration method and I quite use in often when I teach. I still believe in the method although at times, it is not applicable, but most of the time it is evert effective. The good thing about this integrated book is organization especially if you are doing self-study. I used it for self study so that means the conversation or speaking skill could not be executed. The other skills –listening, writing, reading and comprehension is tapped. Very good!



As what language textbooks should be, Rivstart also follows the “thematic” contents. I just appreciate this! This was very helpful for me because of the randomness of material I get from SFI. Can you imagine today they give us something to read about a woman who wanted to jump off the window and the next day, without any association, we read another story of the buying a house. So I go to school and I have no idea what we will read or talk about on that day! It was too random but this book helped me because of the organized theme.


Theme : Food

Reading:  Conversation on Ordering a Restaurant

Listening:  Couples deciding which restaurant to eat.

Vocabulary : Useful phrases in restaurant situations

Pic from Google

Pic from Google

So this book does not SHOCK the students. It did not shock me! It does not go out of the topic. The topics too are very practical — restaurant, work, free time and ect. This plus grammar points are direct.

So I would recommend this book. Highly. I am almost done with this book but I am planning to do a review. This also comes with a workbook but I have not looked at it yet.

I Passed SFI Exam!

Oh dear! I am finally saying goodbye to my classmates. I am quite proud to finish way ahead of them although learning is never a race. I just felt like I really have to finish SFI soon. It is mainly because I am already so bored with class these past weeks and I could not find the motivation to go. I go to school because I have to and I felt like I am no longer¬†learning¬†the way I used to. It was no longer so “fun” after seven of us accelerated to the D class. What exactly happened was, seven of us were chosen to take the C test. We all passed so we were moved up to the D class. I was moved to afternoon class to which they asked me if its okay, I agreed. There were two us in the afternoon class. But because of work, she changed her time to the morning class (where the other 5 students were) so I was left alone in the class. I had new classmates, new teacher, and new school time. So I exerted less effort socially.

My D class was also a mixture of students. It was not like there were “new” here. Some of them have lived here 4 years but they were just on and off school. Some nearly two years. Some have worked here and there. So along the way they were able to absorb more Swedish compared to me. I was the only one in class who has lived here in Sweden the shortest. Yes, some of them were really good at Swedish already, they just needed to take the test that is why they are in D class. It was quite stressful when someone who has lived here 4 years talks to the teacher while I was still trying to construct a good sentence in my head. (Hahaha) But it was a bit fun because some of them corrected me in my Swedish. Somehow, they have already mastered the basic after long stay.

I think I should make a separate post about SFI because it is the most common concern of somebody new in Sweden. I have read some blogs about it and I find it helpful. However, although the entire program of SFI is centralized by the Swedish government, each Kommun has their way of implenting the program. For instance, the required books, whether is free or not, or the schedule of the classes. These factors are not definite and not exclusive. It depends on the Kommun’s decision.

One example is our school also does not have a prescribed book. Our teachers just gave us random materials from random resources. The teacher decides what she gives us. So it all depends on the teacher what she wants. I find it very confusing because sometimes they give us too easy, and sometimes too difficult material. And the topics were very random. One day this, the next day that. One hour the topic is this and after the break the topic is that. There was less association of the topics. But we all adapted to it.

Another example is, in my Kommun, I have to take the National Prov C before I accelerate to D. I heard from my teacher and friends that in other Kommun, there is no such thing. They go immediately to take D test but in equation they do have Chapter tests from their lessons which in my case, we had no tests. Ever. We just kept on studying and studying and studying. Then the teacher decides who can take the moving up test. I was one of the first set of the “chosen ones’ to take the C test and I passed. I went to D and the teacher chose me to take the D test after maybe 2 months and I passed. So, some of my batch now are still in D class, while some are still in C. As of this moment, among my bacth, there were only two of us who “graduated” from SFI.

I passed and I am just waiting for the next step KOMVUX ¬†— GRUND and SAS.

Basic Dinner Etiquette in Sweden

We all know table etiquettes vary from culture to culture. From where I am from, eating by hand is a common practice although it is not so accepted in formal formal ocassions. But at home, between friends,  families and friends it is not a question of validity.

Way back, I read a book on etiquette written By Emily Post. Yes, I would recommend that on the sides. Here now in Sweden,  there are still those little practices in dining I need to learn. Less than one year here, I just learn some.
Here are some of it.

When you are invited for a dinner do:

*come on time, send or call a message when it you are coming late; but it is really better to come on time.

*do not bring your shoes inside the house; it is their practice of which I do not know why. I asked my husband about it and he said it has something to do with hygiene and cleanliness.

*do bring a bouquet of flower or a bottle of wine. For the flower,  if you are invited as a couple, it is better that the woman should hand it. But I feel it is not a strict practice because at time my husband hands it, not me.

*do remove the paper wrapper of the bouquet of flower before handing it.

*do not eat yet until the host had said the magic word “Vars√•god! “. It, by context means “Welcome to eat!”.

*do say “Tack f√∂r matten!” after eating. It literally means “Thank you for the food!”.¬† Add it with “Det √§r j√§ttegott.” meaning “It is delicious.”

*a few days after you were invited do send a message or call and say “Tack f√∂r senast”. Literally it means “Thank you for last/previous/before”. I am trying my best to give the best word compatible. But to make it easier, by context it means “Thank for inviting us before.” That is by linguistic context.


Hoping this helps your new life in Sweden. I have made some mistakes around the table but my Swedish friends did not really care because they knew I was new. Living here long term, I felt the obligation to learn the basics as quickly as possible.  The basics are easy anyway.

Easy Breakfast, Too Tired to Fix a Real One

Today, I am just eating whatever is on the fridge kind of breakfast.¬† I am quite tired from yesterday’s Nationella Prov (National Test), Curse D. That is the last test of SFI -Swedish For Immigrants. OH.. I am drained but I still have speaking test today but I do not want to think about it.
I have many listed topics to write but I have no energy. Perhaps on weekend. I would like to write about SFI more too.

Meanwhile, I will recharge with salty crackers, feta cheese and soya Milk.
As they say here in Sweden.. “TA DE LUGNT” or Take it easy….