I Passed SFI Exam!

Oh dear! I am finally saying goodbye to my classmates. I am quite proud to finish way ahead of them although learning is never a race. I just felt like I really have to finish SFI soon. It is mainly because I am already so bored with class these past weeks and I could not find the motivation to go. I go to school because I have to and I felt like I am no longer learning the way I used to. It was no longer so “fun” after seven of us accelerated to the D class. What exactly happened was, seven of us were chosen to take the C test. We all passed so we were moved up to the D class. I was moved to afternoon class to which they asked me if its okay, I agreed. There were two us in the afternoon class. But because of work, she changed her time to the morning class (where the other 5 students were) so I was left alone in the class. I had new classmates, new teacher, and new school time. So I exerted less effort socially.

My D class was also a mixture of students. It was not like there were “new” here. Some of them have lived here 4 years but they were just on and off school. Some nearly two years. Some have worked here and there. So along the way they were able to absorb more Swedish compared to me. I was the only one in class who has lived here in Sweden the shortest. Yes, some of them were really good at Swedish already, they just needed to take the test that is why they are in D class. It was quite stressful when someone who has lived here 4 years talks to the teacher while I was still trying to construct a good sentence in my head. (Hahaha) But it was a bit fun because some of them corrected me in my Swedish. Somehow, they have already mastered the basic after long stay.

I think I should make a separate post about SFI because it is the most common concern of somebody new in Sweden. I have read some blogs about it and I find it helpful. However, although the entire program of SFI is centralized by the Swedish government, each Kommun has their way of implenting the program. For instance, the required books, whether is free or not, or the schedule of the classes. These factors are not definite and not exclusive. It depends on the Kommun’s decision.

One example is our school also does not have a prescribed book. Our teachers just gave us random materials from random resources. The teacher decides what she gives us. So it all depends on the teacher what she wants. I find it very confusing because sometimes they give us too easy, and sometimes too difficult material. And the topics were very random. One day this, the next day that. One hour the topic is this and after the break the topic is that. There was less association of the topics. But we all adapted to it.

Another example is, in my Kommun, I have to take the National Prov C before I accelerate to D. I heard from my teacher and friends that in other Kommun, there is no such thing. They go immediately to take D test but in equation they do have Chapter tests from their lessons which in my case, we had no tests. Ever. We just kept on studying and studying and studying. Then the teacher decides who can take the moving up test. I was one of the first set of the “chosen ones’ to take the C test and I passed. I went to D and the teacher chose me to take the D test after maybe 2 months and I passed. So, some of my batch now are still in D class, while some are still in C. As of this moment, among my bacth, there were only two of us who “graduated” from SFI.

I passed and I am just waiting for the next step KOMVUX  — GRUND and SAS.

3 thoughts on “I Passed SFI Exam!

  1. grattis!!
    my current SFI class, (which I think is C but it is so disorganized that every time i ask what level i am in, i get more confused) is a mixture of three different levels. so the first half of class we study alone, then the second half we work together. very odd approach to classroom learning.


    • @richardsiler Yes. That happened to me too. The class are disorganized with the levelling. When I was in C class, they said our class was BC class. When I passed the test, I was moved into D class. But some of my classmates have yet to take the C test. Weird. Our class has various approach.. I cant figure out what approach they are using. Sometimes we do pair work. Sometimes we read. Sometimes its individual. How is it going now?


      • Going pretty good overall. I took a chapter test last week, so I will get the results this week! I found a mobile app the other week, which I really like. It’s called “Fun Easy Learn Svenska.” Give it a try! Really great for vocabulary building (depending on your level, of course)


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