I Do Not Really Know What My Blogg Is All About

Hello again my dear readers if there are any. 🙂

I am just writing here, right now because I needed to reset my password in one of my emails. That email had a notification of a blogg which I followed saying that the person has left the place he used to live which is few Towns away from where I am at, at the moment. Furthermore, it that person launched his blogg at almost the same time as I did. The only difference is that, he has been writing and I am not very consistent with this.

I like writing my thoughts down. In fact, I like writing by hand but keeping so disciplined with a blogg seems very difficult to do. Do you have any tips? I would really love it if my blogg earns Money but then I know it would take time and it is a process…Patience is needed. So how do writers get motivated? I am sure Money is not primary. So do bloggers really “blogg”? And sometimes it gets a bit “lonely” if no one reacts nor read the published post, right? The eagerness must be inner so it can sustain and live.

Pray for me those who are Reading this. I am sure praying does wonders beyond our understanding. Hopefully, I would be able to write something valuable in this lifetime. That would be a good way to use the time we have here on Earth.

Maybe I should write in Swedish too. Even if I do not speak like a native but I would like to acknowledge my improvement over the years. Maybe, in a way, I can write few lines in Swedish just practice the language. VAD TROR NI ALLIHOP?

It is past midnight now. Sometimes my thoughs run really Deep during this time but in a very harmonic and peaceful way. Quite nice, right? It feels so human to think about Life Before sleeping. It is a beautiful life no matter what the world says.

Praying for everyone. Good night.





2 thoughts on “I Do Not Really Know What My Blogg Is All About

  1. I’m still following! I have no clue what my blog is about either. I’ve noticed that once i created it, I think about it often even if I’m not writing in it. Blogs seem to take on a life of their own.


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