Duck Feeding: A Cheap Way to Kill the Time

Because of the skyrocketing taxes in Sweden, everything cost much. They say everything here is expensive. And because Sweden has a limited population it is normal for people to have few circle of friends and if you are new, it is not easy to make new a new circle as well. However, there are several things that can be done on your own. That is one thing I like about this country. Most of the people do things on their own. People jog alone. People shop alone. People walk alone on their own time.

I am still in the stage of exploration this freezing country. I have found a way to kill the time, the cheaper way. That is duck feeding. In the town I live in, they have small lakes inhabited by ducks. Theses ducks live there from summer to winter. I find them very amusing. If you are on  a tight budget in Sweden, duck feeding is a very good way to entertain yourself. I like it very much. All you need are bread left overs, crackers and bits of food at home. The moment they see you pulling a plastic, the ducks approached me immediately. Yeah, they know it! They are no longer innocent of the human kindness. And after they are done eating, they just leave right away. They are just scared. Apparently, the ducks have smaller brains than humans so we have to understand them, their behavior and their etiquette. They are not being rude, they just do not understand that they have to say thank you after eating. Let’s them that way. We have been cruel to animals than they are to us anyway.

Today, I took several pictures of them. They are just beautiful and elegant. I would highly recomment if you are Sweden to do this simple activity once in a while. Perhaps, while jogging, pack along a loaf of bread and stop over with the ducks. These ducks are usually in the woods and the woods are the running tracks in Sweden. It just feels good to jog and see these ducks enjoying their life. Communing with nature has its way of healing stress and letting go of the not-so needed distractions in life so do not miss this.

 Here are some of the pictures.

Save the Ducks. Feed Them.

Save the Ducks. Feed Them.



IMG_3436 Sweden has a very good, well – presereved. Save the ducks. Feed them.

All you need are bread and crumbs and free yourself from boredom!