Use Rivstart Book to Learn Swedish

In my previous post, I had said that our teachers did not use a specific textbook. They just gave random copies coming from different sources. So I decided to get a text book on my own so I could progress somehow with organization. I was hoping to build a strong foundation in learning Swedish (of which I don’t think I have right now). Anyway, I got this book from the library called “RIVSTART”.


Rivstart Integration

Rivstart is an SFI book which uses the method of integration. That is the reason why I like this book. The book is designed to integrate all the language skills in one chapter. For instance, one chapter has listening, speaking, writing, comprehension that is based on one topic. As a teacher myself, I believe in the integration method and I quite use in often when I teach. I still believe in the method although at times, it is not applicable, but most of the time it is evert effective. The good thing about this integrated book is organization especially if you are doing self-study. I used it for self study so that means the conversation or speaking skill could not be executed. The other skills –listening, writing, reading and comprehension is tapped. Very good!



As what language textbooks should be, Rivstart also follows the “thematic” contents. I just appreciate this! This was very helpful for me because of the randomness of material I get from SFI. Can you imagine today they give us something to read about a woman who wanted to jump off the window and the next day, without any association, we read another story of the buying a house. So I go to school and I have no idea what we will read or talk about on that day! It was too random but this book helped me because of the organized theme.


Theme : Food

Reading:  Conversation on Ordering a Restaurant

Listening:  Couples deciding which restaurant to eat.

Vocabulary : Useful phrases in restaurant situations

Pic from Google

Pic from Google

So this book does not SHOCK the students. It did not shock me! It does not go out of the topic. The topics too are very practical — restaurant, work, free time and ect. This plus grammar points are direct.

So I would recommend this book. Highly. I am almost done with this book but I am planning to do a review. This also comes with a workbook but I have not looked at it yet.

The Funny World of Toilet in Sweden

We have to accept the fact that we do this privately — reading while doing “that” thing. This is the best example of multi-tasking! Before Ipads were invented, Sweden had already had its own way of entertaining oneself inside the poo room in the form of a certain book called “dassboken”.

Being new in Sweden, I find it very surprising that they actually make a specific book to be read while sitting on the throne! All these years, I thought newspapers and magazines were sufficient, but not in Sweden. 🙂

DASSBOKEN is a book intended for this purpose. It is a compilation of jokes and funny short stories. This book really makes sense because you can stop anytime depending on how much time you you actually need. Unlike magazines and newspapers, the entire story needs longer time to finish. Certainly not Dassboken. It just enough!

The book also comes with string. You know what to do with it!
Inside, you see drawings of toilet papers. This is just funny! And the front cover tells you what the book is all about. It is very motivational.

Here are my Dassboken:
Forgive the picture, I just want to share how efficient the string is…



And I am going to translate an entry (first paragraph only) to see how amusing the book is…


Two northern men were talking.
The first man said:
— We shopped a toilet brush yesterday.

The second replied:
— What do you think about it? Was it good?
The first man replied:
— I think that it is still better to use tissue.


So okay. Just do not forget to flush.

Book – Focus on Sweden

Fokus på Sverige

If you are learning Swedish like me, if you are still in SFI class or Komvux class,  I would recommend this book for self read. No this is a a book I would want to use as text book. There are exercises in it but I find in very entertaining and informative for someone who is still into the beginner’s level. It is an easy read book with easy to medium text. All text is comprehensible through context so there is no need for a dictionary. But if you do, there is a word list at the back part with English meaning. That is way so convenient!


The contents of this book is all about Sweden. It is written in summary of this and that so it handy to learn new topics for conversation. Especially if you have no idea what Sweden is. I had lots of “ahh” moments of realization even in the little things I just learned from this book.

I would post more later of the books that I read in Swedish. Most of it are in the category of “easy read”. That is currently my Swedish level now. No, I can’t read Steig Larsson yet.