About Me


I am Dianne. I live in Sweden specifically for 10 months now. I am from the tropical islands Philippines. Sweden will be my home for quite a long time. From hot to a cold country, there is just so much to tell. I am glad I still survive.

I would like to blog from the way things I experience it, from the way things I see and hopefully blog like no one has ever bloged about Sweden before. This blog will be full of informative mixed with nonsense information about Sweden and how to actually live here. I would like state an early disclaimer of the things I would be posting that those are just my own personal views and in no way my heart intends to hurt anyone. (Yeah. We are cool. That is how we roll.)

I call myself a transplant in Sweden — a girl from the tropics now breathing in a nordic land and yet has to root here. Yes, I am transplant.

This blog will serve as my avenue, an outlet of basically life in Sweden.

By profession, I am a teacher. I do writing on the sides. I love art and will always be a student of life, daughter of God.

Let’s start blogging and welcome to my blog!


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