Lunch Break

This is my first lunch break post. Has anyone done this before? Any suggestions perhaps? Well, I am doing it for the first time right now. My reason is simple. It is just to channel the stress I have in work. It is just a little stress from work which I think would be a lot more useful if I divert myself into something productive.

So I have eaten my lunch for 10 minutes that would give me 20 minutes more of free time. Free time to write. Free time to blog. Free time to be free.

What should I blog right now then? Maybe about lunch break. Lunch break is most of the time overlooked my most employees like us. I mean, we should take it seriously, it is BREAK! I like lunch break. It is like the half-quarter of a basketball game. It like when you are reminded that half is done while other half is waiting to be completed. No, I am talking about the glass half full or half empty. (Haha. No. One day, I will talk about it when I am thirsty.) Lunch breaks is also the time to spend time with my colleagues. And chit chat topics that we already know but somehow remains interesting. I guess that is how gossips are encouraged.

I eat alone most these days because maybe I like it that way. Sometimes it is quite cool to perceived as “anti-social” which I am not really. I mean, there are always two sides to things, wouldn’t it be cool to try to position yourself at the other end? Furthermore, it is fun to sit alone because its quieter. It is too quite. It is too quite sometimes that I can the other person’s stomach growling. I used to laugh at this in my head but now I do not because my stomach begins to do the same. And it is hard to shut them up! They do not follow the order of my brain. One time I said “Please stop growling…. ” and my stomach just keeps on repeating “rrrr….r…..r……r” Oh dear! But I guess “rrrr….r….r…r” is fine. Sometimes it produces other letters like “rrr…brgh..brgh..brgh…r..r..r” and this more embarrassing. And based on experience, the more combination of letters, the louder the sound is! It is like language fluency, when you pronounce well, read it aloud. So therefore, our stomach has language proficiency! Is that the reason why cereals are shaped into letters so they improve their spelling? Hahaha.

I do not know where this post is going to land so maybe I better stop now. My lunch break is over anyway…

Enjoy your lunch.




Blogging. Blogging. Blogging.

I things always wanted to write or scribble down thoughts on small notes. My mind seems to like writing but how come blogging is so hard to be disciplined with? You see, I guess I do not know what to blog about. I mean, is blog a diary or not? If it is, then how random can my post be? I guess my audience would range from a 6 year old to around 50.

Well, I admire people who have the courage to blog. The thing is, I like sharing my thoughts and what I think but at the same time I do not want to be exposed entirely. To go back to old times, I could have been one of those writers who used pen names. I like it that way. The mystery gives it full liberation. I can say what I want without being known. It is like looking around for a certain voice in a crowded place without being noticed. How entertaining to see those long strectched necks searching to the one where the voice comes from! Haha But this I say without bad intention. It is just at some point in our life, we humans should not stop playing.  I mean, blogging and literature should remain like a children’s play, isn’t? If everything is exposed, then what is there to find? What is there to search for?

Sweden Diary is a good pen name. On the other hand, this blog already suggests a diary which is just plainly a record of one’s daily musings of this and that. That sounds too plain. Yet to find a beauty in the ordinary is what makes life amazing and what makes literature worth reading!

So what I am really talking? I do not know. I am just simply BLOGGING.




To continue or not?

Should I? Should I not blog?

The question remains and yet no matter how I asked myself, I can not seem to answer it.

Maybe I should? After all, blogging is merely expressing oneself in the most literay ways. This is why we are all here putting thoughts to words and words to the world.

And the world reads the words that tries to understand the thoughts.

Isn’t it?

For now, have a wonderful evening.



First Post Hopefully Not Just First

Hej! Hi in English.

This is my very post. Someday I am going to read this and remind myself how it all started whether this blog would turn out to a success or fail. Nevertheless, as the Bible puts it “This is the day the Lord has made!” and I am grateful for this day writing this very first entry.

This isn’t my first blog. I have started several blogs in the past which I got tired of. I have made my own theories of why my blogs fail. I concluded several theories and one of them is because I do not enjoy it because I was more on writing for the sake of just writing and not mainly expressing my thoughts and basically what I had in mind. I hope I wont get tired of this blog though. But I would treat this differently mainly as an avenue of my life in Sweden and life itself.

There is nothing highly intellectual about the title “Sweden Diaries”. That is such a no brainer! As of right now, my neurons are pretty much drained from my SFI class so I could not think of any lucrative name for my blog. Hence the “diary”. But don’t we all started in elementary and highschool in our little diaries, didn’t we? My blog will be pretty much like it unless it would naturally mutate into something. Yet, misunderstand me not, this maybe simple but it is not trashy and i would treat it the way we treated our diaries when we were young — written on carefully, well thought and full of affection!

This blog will improve as time passes so for now this one entry would open up a whole new world in which Alladin can fly with his magic carpet.