Easy Breakfast, Too Tired to Fix a Real One

Today, I am just eating whatever is on the fridge kind of breakfast.  I am quite tired from yesterday’s Nationella Prov (National Test), Curse D. That is the last test of SFI -Swedish For Immigrants. OH.. I am drained but I still have speaking test today but I do not want to think about it.
I have many listed topics to write but I have no energy. Perhaps on weekend. I would like to write about SFI more too.

Meanwhile, I will recharge with salty crackers, feta cheese and soya Milk.
As they say here in Sweden.. “TA DE LUGNT” or Take it easy….


Book – Focus on Sweden

Fokus på Sverige

If you are learning Swedish like me, if you are still in SFI class or Komvux class,  I would recommend this book for self read. No this is a a book I would want to use as text book. There are exercises in it but I find in very entertaining and informative for someone who is still into the beginner’s level. It is an easy read book with easy to medium text. All text is comprehensible through context so there is no need for a dictionary. But if you do, there is a word list at the back part with English meaning. That is way so convenient!


The contents of this book is all about Sweden. It is written in summary of this and that so it handy to learn new topics for conversation. Especially if you have no idea what Sweden is. I had lots of “ahh” moments of realization even in the little things I just learned from this book.

I would post more later of the books that I read in Swedish. Most of it are in the category of “easy read”. That is currently my Swedish level now. No, I can’t read Steig Larsson yet.