For the Sake Of Writing

It’s over a year since I opened this blog. I forgot what the password was as well as the username. In the beginning, I created this blog to write and document about my new life here in Sweden but it did not go as I wanted it to be. It was either I was lazy to keep updating or perhaps I had too many things on the table during my first years here in Sweden that this blog never became a priority. Whether it is an excuse or a reasonable reason, here I am anyway in front of the keyboards again with slightly different purpose of this blog. I want to improve the way I write and the way I communicate through writing.

Several things had happened. One of the things that left an impact was a realization how much I neglected writing in my whole life. If it weren’t for this Corona time, I would not have ignited my passion to write. My goal is not to write an entire novel nor publish a book of poetry but I simply just want to improve of whatever is there to start with. It could be as simple as finding the right word to what I want to say or arranging sentences properly for coherence.

I have recovered my password and my username so this probably means I am given a new beginning, a new chance to improve things. If you are reading this right now and is more experienced writer, please comment some writing tips down below. There is always a room for improvment that is why I welcome all comments. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear from fellow aspiring writers?